Vintage Fan = White Noise Relaxation | 10 Hours Ambience for Sleep, Studying or Soothing Crying Baby

Please join us in a fanfare for the common fan. This vintage fan may be old fashioned, but it sure makes a soothing white noise sound. To help you with sleeping or studying, play this ambience to make sure you are undisturbed by outside noise. This virtual fan is great if you’re used to fan sounds in your bedroom but can’t use one due to cold temperatures, traveling, etc.

The 10 hour sound can also help calm a baby with colic or help temporarily mask the symptoms of tinnitus.

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Remember that loud sounds can damage your hearing. When playing one of our videos, if you cannot have a conversation over the sound without raising your voice, the sound may be too loud for your ears. Please do not place speakers right next to a baby’s ears. If you have difficulty hearing or hear ringing in your ears, please immediately discontinue listening to the white noise sounds and consult an audiologist or your physician.

The sounds provided by this Youtube channel are for entertainment purposes only and are not a treatment for sleep disorders or tinnitus. If you have significant difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, experience fitful/restless sleep, or feel tired during the day, please consult your physician.

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