To Buy a House or Rent?

These days that question is being answered by more and more Americans easily and the choice has been to rent. Most would have you believe it is because of the recession, mortgage lenders or the housing bust but in reality there has been a shift in attitudes away from home ownership to easier apartment living. No matter what city you live in all you have to do is open a paper or search thin internet be overwhelmed by ad copy such as apartments for rent in Denver CO because there has been a quiet building boom but houses weren’t being built, apartment communities were.

Where there was a glut of apartments in the late 90’s/early 2000’s now it’s getting harder to find apartments so many new communities are being built. The older styled box apartment communities are also seeing a rejuvenation to be brought up to today’s ideal standards Americans are looking for. Apartment communities aren’t just a temporary place to live while saving for a house anymore they have become a lifestyle for many Americans and for good reason. Whereas before these apartment communities only offered 4 wall a launderette and a pool now they offer a true experience with restaurants, shopping and essential services right outside your front door.

Owning your own home is nice but it also comes with a huge responsibility and that property value can drop at any time and you could be stuck holding the bag on a mortgage that is worth more than the property. Add in maintenance, insurance and day to day expenses and you can start to see why apartment living is doing much more than making a comeback, it’s becoming the new normal. Apartment communities are offering much more bang for the buck these days and they know they have to because there is so much competition and this makes it an ideal situation for the renter.

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