Tenuous Truth

A quick mix of my new song!


Tenuous Truth

After the rains
Wash away
All the dirt
And sadness

The beautiful struggles
Are what is left
For us to see

Those tenuous truths
Trees clinging
To the earth
As they reach

For the sky
While white crosses
Stand vigilant
At the intersections

Of our lives
And blooming flowers
Spread life, across the land
With their beauty

Reminding us
As we pass
That we should never
Take for granted

That any link
In this chain
In our fragile existence
Can be broken

And any one of our
Tenuous truths
Can come unraveled
At anytime

So we need to see
As many
Blooming flowers
As we can

To remind us
That we should never
Take anything
For granted

Chords: C, Em, Am and Dm

Copyright 2017, Mark Hahn, All rights reserved.

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