Jiren’s Wish For The Super Dragon Balls

Music By Lucas King “Dementia”

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Hello and welcome back all my dragon ball theorist and most of you noticed and said that we need to talk about Jiren and his wish for the Super Dragon Balls. Before he squared off with Goku we have this moment of Toppo looking down on the battle that is about to unfold and saying Jiren! Fight to your hearts content! To fulfill your wish! To obtain the Super Dragon Balls!

There are 2 trains of thought for this tournament. One is obviously fighting to preserve your Universe so it isn’t erased and the second is of course to win the Super Dragon Balls to fulfill your wish. I definitely at first would of thought Jiren to be in the first category and only fighting to protect Universe 11. He is a member of the Pride Troopers after all and is only called on for his power to help defend it.

However there seems to be much more to Jiren then we know yet. Jiren is proud warrior and we see this when Goku is worried gathering energy for the Spirit Bomb thinking it will take too long. However too Goku’s surprise Jiren says that he will wait and says so that’s your special attack, come with all your strength! It’s noted that’s how Jiren works to take his enemies greatest attack and crushes it with overwhelming power. Jiren is more than confident he takes pride in his power and strength.

I always love the saying, “What do all people with power want? of course more power” So it’s apparent Jiren isn’t an exception to this rule. Then with Whis noting his current power and how perhaps the rumors could be true and Jiren even surpasses a God of Destruction. Jiren is this being that already rivals the Gods. Maybe this thought we have been thinking about of how the work of the Gods ends here is coming to fruition and Jiren is definitely a key player in this happening.

Someone with Jiren’s abilities that already rivals the Gods with a wish from the Super Dragon Balls could upset the entire system. Maybe Jiren is tired of being a pawn and taking orders from someone else. Maybe Jiren has had enough and full of pride and power wants to make sure that the work of the Gods finally does end here!!

So Jiren is here with purpose of course he will fight to protect his Universe but his true intentions are to not serve anyone, anymore! Jiren is on the brink of achieving something that he has been striving for and why he has attained so much power. To finally put an end to the Gods tyranny and to create the Universe that he wants.

Now I really want to hear what you guys think. Why does Jiren want the Super Dragon Balls? Is he this prideful powerful warrior that finally sees an opportunity to make sure the work of the Gods ends here? I always love to hear you theories in the comments below and don’t forget to hit that like button and please subscribe to support the channel and keep those theories coming!!

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