Ghost Stories Episode 10 – Cloistered

Ghost Stories Episode 10 – Cloistered

A lonely care-giver to the elderly falls for a man whom she believes is kept in his house by his domineering mother. But as their secret relationship grows, she is horrified to learn that the young man is not what he seems.

Director: Stuart Taylor

Writers: Nina Berry

Stars: Timothy Booth, Bob Burchette, Bonny Hughes

27 October 1997

Ghost Stories is an American horror anthology television series that ran from 1997 to 1998 on the cable channel FOX Family.

The show was narrated by Rip Torn and originally two episodes were presented back to back in an hour-long segment. However, towards the end of the series it was broken down into 30 minute episodes with just one story, most featuring a style similar to episodes of The Twilight Zone in which there would be a twist at the end.

There have been five DVD releases and is currently being shown in the United Kingdom on the TV channel Zone Horror.

Each episode begins with an introduction segment narrated by Rip Torn:

“Come with me to a place of wondrous contradictions. A place that is silent and unstirring yet restless and alive. A place of untold peace and boundless dread. Come with me into the very cradle of darkness, where those who dwell, dwell alone.”

Once complete, it goes directly into the episode where Rip Torn introduces the episode. During the episode’s conclusion, Rip Torn comments on what was seen (usually in some form of a moral).

On September 30, 2008, the complete series was released in a 6-disc set, including the 4 never-before-seen episodes. The set comes in a new digipack with the same 5 volumes and a 6th disc including the 4 never-before released episodes. It was released on region 1 with no other bonus features.

This set includes the episodes shown below and does not have any special features or commentary.

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