Bloodborne – Rom, the Vacuous Spider Location and Boss Fight (Rom, the Vacuous Spider Trophy)

Rom, the Vacuous Spider | Bronze |
Defeat Great One: Rom, the Vacuous Spider.

Recommended Level: 60

Rom is located in Bygenwerth which becomes available after defeating the Shadow of Yharnam. After moving through the area and unlocking the balcony of the laboratory, you’re going to jump off the edge into the water. You’ll fall into the moonside lake in an open area with Rom.

Rom himself does not attack until after his first teleport phase, but he does summon in a group of spider enemies. These small spiders are fairly deadly and have random attacks that can kill you in one hit. For this first phase, it is recommended that you kill all of the little spiders and then attack Rom with everything you can before he teleports away. Rom teleports away and the fight begins to get a bit different. He’ll start using an array of attacks that have a large area of effect.

When Rom lifts up his head, ice shards hit the ground around you. These hurt a lot and are very hard to dodge consistently. Your best bet is to roll or dash towards Rom. When Rom lifts up his head and his tail, or if Rom rolls onto his back, ice shards will fall in the area immediately surrounding himself. Dash away. Also note that each time Rom teleports he summons away 10 to 15 tiny spiders. It is only recommended that you kill the initial spiders at the start of the fight and just avoid any spiders that spawn in after Rom teleports. Avoiding Rom’s aggressive area attacks is a lot harder when you’re focusing on the little spiders.

Rom’s sweet spot is on his left side. You don’t want to attack his right side because he rolls onto his right side for one of his attacks, so you want to attack from his left side each time you approach him, unless his right side is literally covered in spiders. When Rom is slain, the trophy will unlock.

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