Celebrating Each Milestone with Rewards

I own a small company that employees around 60 people at any given time. The majority of my workers are full time and permanent, but we do have interns and temp workers as well. While I do appreciate all that my full time permanent workers do, I also appreciate my interns and temp workers just as much. Not long ago, I was looking online at a corporate gift company in Singapore, trying to find some ideas on some neat gift items for everyone because of a goal that we reached together.

It was not a major goal that was going to put us on the international map, but it was a goal that was going to help us continue to grow. I wanted us to celebrate the small milestones as well, because we are going to see a lot more of those than the bigger ones. It is because of those small milestones that the big ones are even possible, and I just wanted to reward everyone for a job well done. I looked around the site, trying to find something that I thought everyone would like. I decided to get a few different things since the prices are so low.

The first thing I got was tee shirts that they can wear any day of the week. I am not big on a strict dress code, and I knew that the majority of them would like this. I also got them some neat things for their desks since the majority of them work at one nearly their entire work day. I was able to order four different items, and the price was quite reasonable for what I ordered. I had one of the floor managers help me pass them out, then we all had a pizza party for lunch that day. Yes, celebrating these small milestones will definitely help us reach our bigger goals.

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