A Perfect Place to Raise Children

When you have children, everything changes. Decisions are suddenly more important, and you will do anything and everything to make sure that your kids are well taken care of. My husband and I have two boys, and we are hoping to have a daughter in the next year or so. If we have another boy though, we will still feel incredibly blessed. I wanted to move before I became pregnant again though, and that is how I found about Bellewoods EC in Singapore. I had been looking online at new developments going up in the different districts around us, but this one really sparked something in me.

Like I said, parents want the best for their kids, and this development seems to cater not only to singles and couples but families too. There are so many things there for the kids to do, and I knew that it would be a great place for all of us to live. There are so many different swimming pools there. There are some for kids, and some for older kids and adults. That is perfect because I want my kids to be happy where ever they live until they move out on their own, so having pools for different age groups works well.

There are also playgrounds, splash pools, garden trails, and much more. There is even a Jacuzzi there for the entire family. After looking at the layouts of the apartments and finding a nice four bedroom unit, I knew that this was definitely the place for all of us to call home. While our third child won’t be joining us for a while, I still wanted to have a room ready for her or him. The schools in the area are fantastic too, and it is actually closer to my husband’s work too.

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