Looking at a Renovation Project

It is a really interesting question, because when you look at this place you see all sorts of good attributes and a whole lot of bad things about the proposition. You know that there is a big chance that you could end up losing if you do not do it all just right. I know a couple of Passaic county electricians who are going to have to tell me whether or not that part of the job is going to be practical. The house is not going to pass inspection unless the wiring is done all over. It is rather baffling that it was ever allowed as it is, but of course that is not really a matter for me to worry about. I have to worry about how to get it all done so that it is safe and the electrical inspectors are going to like the work well enough to pass it.

In fact the place has a great location for me. It is not too far from my parents, but not too close either. Of course where I work changes from day to day, but this is close to the highways and centrally located in the general area where I am going to be traveling on a daily basis. At any rate I would not be living there all that long, the idea would be to work there in the evenings after I am done with the day’s work for the company. Then I would go to sleep and get up the next morning to do it all again. I figure that all of the stuff which needs to be done can be done in about two months, mostly because it is not going to be immediately possible to finance the entire job all at the same time.

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